Sunday, April 30, 2006

So close and yet so far...

!Eye Carumba!

3:30 pm, been here since noon. I'm on about page 90- Marriages 1939.

There's at least 10 pages of death records left too. We're shooting for just 100 pages, so I'm trying to take out all the extra tabs that happened when I brought the marriages into Adobe InDesign from Microsoft Word. What a headache.

We have a comittee meeting
This Tuesday night and everybody wants this thing done ASAP, and I don't blame them. I told them Mothers Day. I'm not thinking I'll make it by this Tuesday, but at least I know that it will be a lot sooner than Mother's Day.

Prom, Track Meets, and a heckuva lot of yearbook to go in basically 3 more weeks of school...yike.

Gotta get back to it. I told my wife I would try to not be gone all day.

Happy 68th wedding anniversary, Emil Ole Bolduan & Amelia Alvina Jensen!

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