Monday, March 26, 2018


  • WED 3/28- 3:30pm Confirmation
  • Maundy Thursday 2/29- 5:30Pm Worship with Communion at Immanuel, Triple Parish
    • 7:00pm Worship with Communion at St. John
  • Good Friday 3/30- 7:00pm Tenebrea Worship at St. John
  • SAT 3/31- 9:00am LYF set-up & practice for Easter Breakfast & processional
  • EASTER 4/1- 6:30am Sunrise Worship with Communion
    • 7:30am LYF Breakfast
    • 8:15am Worship with Communion at St. Paul, Hanover (Triple Parish)
    • 10:00am Festival Worship with Communion at St. John
    • 1:00pm Pastor preaching at Denison Care Center
    • 2:00pm Pastor at Eventide
    • 2:45pm Pastor at Silveridge

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

This Week @ St.John

  • WED 3/21- 3:30PM Confirmation (Field Trip to Siouxland Food Bank in Mapleton)
    • 7:00pm Midweek Lenten Worship
    • 8:00pm Elder's Meeting
  • FRI 3/23- 8:00pm HS Youth Lock-in in Ida Grove 
  • SAT 3/24- No worship at Immanuel this week
  • SUN 3/15- 8:15am Worship with Communion at Immanuel
    • 8:45am Sunday School, but NO Adult Bible Study this week
    • 10:00am Woraship
    • 7:00pm Adult Instruction Class
DO YOU KNIT OR CROCHET? LWML is looking for help making 8"x 8" squares to be turned into tiny blankets as part of packages for women who suffer miscarriages. The blankets will serve as a memento of the baby they've lost. Please pick up a set of instructions from the counter in the walkway. Each time you've finished a square, please give your project to Linda inn the office. All the tiny blankets will be taken to the District Convention in June. From there, they will go to the University of Iowa Women's Clinic. Thank you for your generous spirit and kind hands which will bring comfort.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

This Week @ St.John

  • TUES 3/13- 8:45AM Pastor at Pastors' Conference in Unte
    • 4:00PM LWML
  • WED 3/14- 3:30PM Confirmation
    • 7:00PM Lenten Midweek Worship
  • THURS 3/15- 9:00AM LWML Prayer Service at St. Luke, Ricketts
  • SAT 3/17- 6:00PM Worship at Immanuel
  • SUN 3/18- 8:45AM Sunday School & Bible Class
    • 10:00AM Worship with Commiunion
    • 1:00PM Pastor preaching at Denison Care Center
    • 2:00PM Pastor at Eventide
    • 2:45PM Pastor at Silveridge
    • 3:00PM LYF Meet at Church, Playing Cards with residence at Silveridge
    • 7:00PM Adult Instruction

Sunday, March 04, 2018

This Week @ St.John

  • TUES 3/6- 6:30AM Men's Bible Study
    • 4:00PM LWML
  • WED 3/7- 3:30PM Confirmation
    • 7:00PM Midweek Lenten Worship
  • SAT 3/10- 6:00PM Worship with Communion at Immanuel, Triple Parish
  • SUN 3/11- 8:45AM Bible Class & Sunday School
    • 10:00AM Worship
    • 11:00AM Finance Board Mtg.
    • 11:00AM CONFIRMATION MEETING 7/8th Grade Parents & Students: Going over details for questioning and confirmation, hand out question list for studying.
    • TBD- LYF Mtg.
    • 7:00PM Adult Instruction Class Begins