Sunday, December 15, 2019

This Week @ St. John

MON-SAT DEC 16-21  6:25AM Pastor Merrill hosts 'Thy Strong Word' on KDSN 107.1FM/1530AM, FYI-We need funding to help pay KDSN for this program. If you would like to make a donation toward 'Thy Strong Word,' please let either the office or KDSN know. Thank You. Start your day off with this devotion on God's Word.

  • WED 12/18 - 3:30pm Confirmation
    • 6:455pm Carol Sing
    • 7:00pm Midweek Advent Worship
    • 8:00pm Elders' Meeting
  • THRS 12/19- 9:30am Ricketts Community Bible Study
  • SAT 12/21- 5:00pm Sunday School at Immanuel, Soldier TWP
    • 6:00pm Worship with Communion at Immanuel
  • SUN 12/22- 8:45pm Bible Class & Sunday School
    • 10:00am Worship
  • TUES 12/24- 5:00pm St.Paul & Immanuel's Children's Service, at Immanuel
    • 6:30pm Christmas Eve Lessons & Carols, at St. John
    • 9:30pm Christmas Eve Candlelght Service, at St. Paul, Hanover TWP
  • WED 12/25- 9:00am Christmas Day Worship with Communion, at St. John
If you are inn need of a ride to church on one of these winter Sunday mornings, please call the church office at 678-3312 & we'll send someone over. if you know someone who could use this service, please give their name to the church office. Thank you.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

This Week @ St. John

  • TUES 12/10- Pastors' Conference in Ida Grove
  • WED 12/11- 3:30pm Confirmation
    • 5:15pm- Children's Christmas Service practice, 3-8th Grades
    • 6:45pm Carol Sing
    • 7:00pm Midweek Advent Worship
  • THRS 12/12- Ricketts Community Bible Study
  • SAT 12/14- 9:00am Sunday School Christmas Service Practice- all grades; PK-8
    • 5:00pm Sunday School at Immanuel
    • 6:00pm Worship at Immanuel, Soldier TWP
  • SUN 12/15- 8:45am Bible Class & Sunday School
    • 10:00am Worship with Communion
    • 1:00pm Pastor preaching at Denison Care Center
    • 2:00pm Pastor preaching at Eventide
    • 2:45pm Pastor preaching at Silveridge
    • 6:30pm Children's Christmas Service

Sunday, December 01, 2019

This Week @ St.John


  • TUES 12/3- 6:30AM Men's Bible Class
    • 5:00PM LWML Christmas Party, Battle Creek Inn
  • WED 12/4- Noon Immanuel/St,Paul LWML Christmas party at Pizza Ranch, Denison
    • 3:30PM Confirmation
    • 5:15PM Children's Christmas Service Practice, 3-8th Graders
    • 6:45PM Carol Singing
    • 7:00PM Midweek Advent Worship 
  • THRS 12/5- 9:30AM Ricketts Community Bible Study
  • SAT 12/7- 5:00PM Sunday School at St.Paul, Hanover TWP
    • 6:00PM Worship at St.Paul
  • SUN 12/8- 8:45AM Bible Study & Sunday School
    • 10:00AM Worship
    • 11:00AM Finance Board Meeting
    • Noon LYF Christmas Party @ Pizza Ranch & Shopping
    • 2:30Pm Caroling @ Care Centers followed by supper @ Pizza Ranch
    • 7:00PM Adult Instruction Class