Sunday, April 24, 2022

This Week @ St. John

Sunday Worship, April 24: Revelation 1:4-18

MON 4/25- 9-11am Volunteer Coffee
WED 4/26- 6:00pm Confirmand Banquet
                    7:00pm Confirmand Questioning
THR 4/28- 9:30an Ricketts Bible Study
SAT 4/30- 5:00pm Sunday School at St. Paul, Hanover Twp
                  6:00pm Worship at St.Paul
SUN 5/1-  8:45am Sunday School
                  9:00am Adult Bible Study
                  10:00am Confirmation Worship with Communion

Monday, April 11, 2022

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Holy Week @ St. John

Above: Sunday worship, April 10th 2022

Monday, April 04, 2022

This Week @ St. John

Sunday Worship, April 3, 2022; "A Word of Warning" based on Luke 20:9-29

Mon-Sat April 4-9 Pastor Merrill hosts 'Thy Strong Word' 6:25AM on KDSN

TUES 4/5    6:30AM Men's Bible Class
                    4:00PM LWML meeting @ St. John

WED 4/6  1:00PM LWML meeting @ St. Paul's
                    3:30PM Confirmation

THRS 4/7    9:30AM Ricketts Bible Study

SAT 4/9     No Worship at St. Paul this week

                    8:15AM Confirmation Worship (with Communion) at Immanuel, Soldier TWP
                    8:45 Sunday School
                    9:00AM No Adult Bible Class at St. John this week
                    10:00AM Worship
                    11:00AM Finance Board Meeting

THR 4/14    Maundy Thursday (Communion); 5:30pm at St. Paul, 7:00pm at St.John

FRI 4/15    Good Friday 7:00pm

SUN 4/16    Easter Son-Rise 6:30am   
                    7:30am LYF Pancake Breakfasst
                    8:15am Festival Worship at St. Paul, Hanover, TWP
                    8:45am Sunday School at St. John
Festival Worship at St. John