Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Giving Quilt Rack

(in loving memory of our past Quilters)
Beginning October 1st we are beginning a new quilting projects. This new journey features a quilt hung over the Quilt Rack in the back of the church by the elevator door. This quilt can be taken by any member of our church family to be given to someone they feel is in need. One does not have to tell where it goes. It is our prayer and hope that the quilts are given from out church family from this "Giving Quilt Rack" will touch the lives and hearts of each and every recipient.
If the Quilt Rack is empty do not dismay, that just means that one has been given to someone in need and another will soon be in it's place. Please join us in this new mission as we share with those around us and may those recipients feel the blessings of our love and prayers within each and every quilt.

This Week @ St.John

  • WED 9/30- 9:00AM Ladies Bible Study
    • 3:00PM- Confirmation
  • SUN 10/4- 8:45AM Sunday School & Bible Study
    • 10:00AM Worship with Communion LWML Sunday (& Mite Box Sunday)
  • Quilt Tying begins each Tuesday in October, 1:00PM-4:00PM, beginning on Tues Oct. 6.
  • Annual IDW Youth Gathering-  November 20-22, 2015 in Des Moines. Interested high school youth should see Pastor soon for registration materials.

The Temporary Assistance Program (TAP)  Needs Our Help!
St.John collects non-perishable food items for TAP every November, but in the wake of plant closings in Denison, need in our area is greater than usual. TAP not only needs food & clothing items, but is also looking for volunteers.

CALL 712-263-4733
210 S. 25th Street. Denison, IA 51442
HOURS 9:00AM-Noon Mondays & Thursdays

"TAP" is a program for families in need of food and clothing.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

This Week @ St.John

  • MON 9/21- 7:00PM Playground Committee Mtg.
  • TUES 9/22- Linda at Secretaries' Mtg.
  • WED 9/23- First Dayof Autumn
    • 9:00AM Women's Bible Study
    • 3:00PM Confirmation
  • THR 9/24- Orphan Grain train loading a container in Ida Grove, volunteers welcome
  • SUN 9/27- 8:45AM Sunday School & Bible Stidies
    • 10:00AM Worship with Communion
    • 1:00PM Pastor preaching at Denison Care Center
    • 2:00PM Pastor preaching at Eventide Lutheran Home
    • 2:45PM Pastor preaching at Silveridge
  • SUN Oct 4- LWML Sunday; "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God," Matt 6:26, 32b & 33
    Featuring a "Noisy Colletion

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Christian Education Staff

"Beloved in the Lord, you have heard the promises of faithfulness spoken by these men and women. Do you promise to support them in their work, to remember them in your prayers, and to work with them to the best of the abilities that God has given you, so that He may be glorified and His work be done in our midst?" 
~Rally Day Liturgy

"Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser;
teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.
10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight." 
~Proverbs 9:9-10

Please Pray for these volunteer Confirmation & Sunday School Teachers in out Congregation:
  • 7/8th Grade Confirmation- Pastor Merrill
  • 5/6th Grade Confirmation- Marjorie Neddermeyer
  • Sunday School Superintendent- Peggy Sue Henschen
  • PreSchool/Kindegarten- Sandy Bramley
  • 1/2nd Grade- Jessie Jepsen
  • 3/4th Grade- Jaci Elwell & Annette Stoltze
  • 5/6th Grade- Peggy Sue Henshen
  • 7/8th Grade- Bethany & Ted Mallory
  • High School Bible Study- Leon Meseck
  • Sunday School Music Leader/Vacation Bible School (VBS) Director- Bethany Mallory
  • Adult Bible Studies & Adult Confirmation Instruction- Pastor Merrill
  • Board of Christian Education: Jaci Elwell, Bethany Mallory, & Leon Meseck
  • LYF Coordinators- Velita Pautsch & Karleen Beeck
Sunday School PK-8 Music Begins at 8:45AM in the Sanctuary, Sunday School Class Follow in basement classrooms. HS & Adult Bible Class begin at 8:45AM, Adults in Room 101 off the Fellowship Hall and HS in the Church Library in the basement. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Come join us as we dig into God's Word so that we can learn more about Him and grow in our faith in Him and our love toward others!

If you would like to help serve as a Sunday School Co-Teacher for either 5/6 or 1/2 Grades, please let Pastor or Peggy Sue know. Thank you.

Results of Sun. Sept. 13 Special Voters' Meeting

It was moved by Byron Weiss and seconded by Otto Kunze to nominate Brent Friedrichs for service as Lay Delegate from the Mapleton Circuit to the Synodical Convention next Summer. Friedrichs volunteered to be Lay Delegate before receiving the nomination. No other names were placed into nomination.

The Lay Delegate to the Synodical Convention will be decided on by the Circuit Forum next Sunday, Sept. 20. Kevin Clausen is St.John's Lay Delegate to the Circuit Forum.

Brent works for Global Lutheran Outreach (GLO) managing financial and missionary support and logistics. Brent now does his work from home here in Charter Oak, but he and his wife Eugenie served as GLO Missionaries in Nigeria. Before that he served as a business manager with LCMS World Mission in Nigeria and West Africa.

St.John supports the Friedrichs as Missionaries. If he is confirmed as the Lay Delegate, please keep him in your prayers as he represents our Circuit at Convention next Summer. Whether he winds up being the Lay Delegate or not, please continue to support he & his family with your prayers as they continue their work supporting missions in Africa and around the world.

Visit their Webpage here:

This Week @ St.John

  • TONIGHT (SUN 9/13)- 6:30PM LYF MTG @ Charter Oak City Park
  • MON-TUES, 9/14-15- Pastor at District Pastor's Conference
  • WED 9/16- 9:00AM Ladies bible Study
    • 3:30PM Confirmation
    • 8:00PM Elders Meeting
  • THURS 9/17- 9:00AM Zone Rally at St.John, Battle Creek
    • 6:00PM LCEF Retirement Workshop at Boulders, Denison
  • SAT 9/19- 6:00PM Worship with Communion
  • SUN 9/20- 8:45AM Sunday School & Bible Class
    • 10:00AM Worship with Communion
    • 2:00PM Lutherans for Life Conference, St. Paul, Ida Grove
    • 5:30PM Circuit Forum, St.Paul, Ida Grove
  • STILL NEEDED: 1st & 2nd grade Sunday School Teacher
  • THY STRONG WORD: The Fund for paying fees to keep this radio program on the air is running low, please consider making a contribution. If you can help, let Pastor, Linda Kuhlman or Becky Dorale know.
  • HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS- are invited to join Leon Meseck for HS Bible Study in the Church Library downstairs Sunday mornings at 8:45AM. All high school and early college youth are invited to come dig into God's work and current issues of faith.
  • JUNIOR HIGH DISTRICT YOUTH GATHERING OCT 24&25 at the Sheridan Hotel in West Des Moines. Intersted 6th-8th Graders should see Pastor about registration forms, fees & deposit by/before this Wednesday Sept.16.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Special Voters Meeting

We need to have a special voters meeting this Sunday in advance of the circuit forum Sept. 20. The purpose is to nominate a lay delegate from the circuit to the Synodical convention next summer. Lay delegate names have to be submitted to me before the Circuit forum so I can have them on the ballot. So we need to nominate in advance.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

St.John Sunday School

  • PK-Junior High Opens with music in the Sanctuary, then breaks into age groups in basement classrooms
  • Adult Bible Study with Pastor Merrill in Rm.101 off the Fellowship Hall
  • High School Bible Study with Leon Meseck in the Church Library in the basement
Celebrate the beginning of a new year of learning
  • Sunday, September 13 at 10:00AM
  • Installation of Sunday School & Confirmation Teachers 
  • Presentation of Bibles to First Graders

This Week @ St.John

  • Mon-Sat. SEP 7-13- 6:25AM Pastor Merrill hosts 'Thy Strong Word' (for Triple Parish) on KDSN 107.1FM/1530AM, FYI-We need funding to help pay KDSN for this program. If you would like to make a donation toward 'Thy Strong Word,' please let either the office know. Thank You.
  • Mon Sep 7- Office Closed in honor of labor Day
  • Tues Sep.8- Happy Birthday, Pastor Merrill!
  • Wed Sep.9- 9:00AM Women's Bible Study Resumes
    • 3:30PM Confirmation
  • Sun Sep.10- RALLY SUNDAY
    • 8:45AM Sunday School & Bible Class
    • 10:00AM Worship
      All Teachers, Helpers, Elders & all involved in Christian Education at St. John please attend, Teachers will be installed. Sunday School children will sing. & These First Graders will receive Bibles: Becca Butler, Megan Kragel, Micah Friedrichs, Tajel jepsen, Vincent Reynolds, & Sam Bonsall.
    • 11:00AM Finance Board Meeting