Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Sunday, November 21, 2021

This Week @ St.John

Sunday November 21, 2021 Worship

 WED 11/24- No Confirmation Class
    5:30pm Thanksgiving Eve Worship at St. Paul, Hanover TWP

    7:00pm Thanksgiving Eve Worship at St. John

THRS 11/25- Happy Thanksgiving- Office Closed

SAT 11/27- 5:00pm Sunday School at St. Paul
    6:00pm    Worship with Communion at St.Paul

SUN 11/28- 8:45am Sunday School
    9:00am Adult Bible Class
    10:00am Worship

Sunday, November 14, 2021

This Week @ St. John NOV 14-21, 2021

WED NOV 17- 3:30pm Confirmation
                           7:00pm Elder's Meeting

THRS NOV 18- 9:30am Rickets Bible Study

SAT NOV 20- 5:00pm Sunday School at St. Paul, Hanover TWP
                        6:00pm Worship with Communion at St. Pau

SUN NOV 21- 8:45am Sunday School
                        9:00am Adult Bible Class
                        10:00am Worship with Communion
                        1:00pm Pastor at Denison Care Center
                        1:40pm Pastor at Silveridge
                        2:15pm Pastor at Eventide

Sunday, November 07, 2021

This Week @ St.John

Sunday Worship; Nov. 7, 2021

TUES 11/9- Pastor at Circuit Conference Ida Grove

WED 11/10- 3:30pm Confirmation Class

THRS 11/11- 9:30am Ricketts Bible Study

SAT 11/13- 9:00am LYF set-up for Thanksgiving Dinner
            5:00pm Sunday School at St. Paul, Hanover TWP
            6:00pm Worship with Communion at St. Paul

SUN 11/14- 8:45am Sunday School
            9:00am Adult Bible Class
            10:00am Worship
            11:00am Finance Board Mtg
            11:00am Annual LYF Thanksgiving Dinner

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Monday, November 01, 2021




Pastor Merrill is our Good Shepherd who looks after his whole flock by…

 1.  administering the Holy Sacraments and prayerfully delivering his daily devotions.

 2.  his confirmation and premarital instruction.

 3.  teaching Adult Bible Class and leading Bible Study.

 4.  his love of all of our children and grandchildren.

 5.  his faithful visits to our nursing home residents and hospital patients.

 6.  his wonderful sermons based on Scripture accentuated by music.

 7.  delivering enlightening children’s messages sharing the love of Jesus.

 8.  comforting bereavement and funeral messages emphasizing the gift of eternal life.

 9.  faithfulness to LWML, LYF and the various branches of our church council.

10.  willingness to serve three parishes and being accountable to all.

11.  being so knowledgeable about Scripture but continuing to study and share.

12.  accepting responsibility for circuit and district duties.

13.  biking for church causes and staying healthy, leading by example.

14.  opening his office to us for counseling and private communion.

15.  always being kind and never disparaging others.  Never!

16.  always thinking of ways for children to know Jesus...inviting them to Vacation Bible School, Sunday School and encouraging them to play on the playground.

17.  inviting the community to learn more about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

18.  making his presence at the Charter Oak-Ute and MVAOCOU Schools sharing lunch, attending events, showing our students he cares about them even if only one of our students is involved.

19.  his commitment to the mission field at home and abroad.

20.  his dedication to Concordia Cub Weeks at Camp Okoboji.

21.  his knowledge of our church constitution and Robert’s Rules of Orders so the St. John Council and Voters Assembly can proceed properly.

22.  his strong faith and devotion to the ministry.  

23.  his clear voice helping us to understand faith, grace and the Word.

24.  knowing us by our names.

25.  being observant, patient, and listening to our concerns.

26.  being open to technological changes.

27.  not being deterred in his ministry by rain/snow/sleet/hail or the pandemic!

28.  being aware of the community at large, attending town council meetings, and supporting emergency needs.

29.  serving others, expecting nothing in return, as he walks in the light of God.

30.  following God’s will through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

We are thankful Pastor Merrill accepted our call to St. John Lutheran Church,

Charter Oak, Iowa, in 2005, and continues to stay by our side, imperfect as we are!

2021 October 31 | Reformation Worship

Sunday, October 31, 2021

This Week @ St.John

TUES 11/2- 6:30am Men's Bible Study
    4:00pm LWML mtg.

WED 11/3 3:30pm Confirmation
    6:30pm LYF Mtg.

THRS 11/4 9:30am No-Ricketts Bible Study this week, Pastor at District Conference in Ft. Dodge

SAT 11/6 5:00pm "Sunday School" at St.Paul
    6:00pm Worship with Communion at St.Paul

SUN 11/7  Sunday All Saint's Day
    8:45am Sunday School
    9:00am Adult Bible Study
    10:00am Worship with Communion, Mite Box Sunday


NOV 14 LYF Thanksgiving Dinner
NOV 19-21 LYF District Sr High Youth Gathering
NOV 24 Thanksgiving Eve Worship
DEC 5 LWML Cookie & Candie Bazaar

Celebrating 30 years in ministry

 Pastor Richard C. Merrill Honored


In honor of Pastor Richard C. Merrill’s 30th Anniversary in the ministry August of 2021, a surprise recognition was held in his honor by the three congregations he serves at St. John Lutheran Church, Reformation Sunday, October 31, 2021, as a culmination to LCMS Pastor Appreciation Month.


A presentation of several meaningful gift offerings was made to Pastor Merrill following the service and all were invited to join in a social gathering in the Fellowship Hall lobby after the service with an opportunity to offer personal congratulations and thankfulness.


Since 2005, following his initial ministry as assistant pastor at Humboldt, Iowa, Pastor has served the congregation of St. John and in more recent years has ministered faithfully to the members of the congregations of St. Luke, Ricketts; Immanuel, Soldier Township; and St. Paul, Hanover Township. Pastor Merrill has also served as Pastoral Adviser to IDW Singles Ministry, Zone Counselor for the Mapleton Zone LWML, Circuit Visitor of the Mapleton Circuit, staff member at Concordia Cub Week at Camp Okoboji and most recently, Board Secretary of Iowa District West.  


We congratulate Pastor Merrill on this 30th milestone anniversary and give praise to God for the talents He has bestowed upon him in this service as our pastor.  God’s blessings for continued good health and continuing ministry to us all!  

(Wonderful job on this write-up you two). Marge