Sunday, June 12, 2011

Special Voter's Meeting; Yes on Building Project

 Special Voters’ Meeting
10:15 AM June 12, 2011

Call to Order- The meeting was called to order by President Bill Magill

New Members-  Bethany Mallory, Rod and Becky  Kunze, Bob and Lana Schrieber, Ron Schau, Linda Nepper, Ted Butler- moved by Bob Kunze, seconded by Ralph Dorale to accept the new members- new members accepted.

Phase IV- It was moved by Otto Kunze and seconded by Joel Kuhlman to vote on Phase IV of the building project, the construction of new fellowship hall with handicap accessible restrooms & a fundraising campaign to pay for the building project.
·          Discussion: President William Magill and Building  Project Research Committee Chairman Byron Weiss explained some of the of proposed plans, dimensions & locations, etc. as well as fundraising plans discussed by the Church Council. It is hoped that pledge commitments will be in by the end of 2011, while givers will have three years to fulfill their pledges. Some additional decisions will be brought before the voters later. Marge Neddermeyer asked Pastor Merrill to explain how a fellowship hall instrumental in St. John's ministry because the majority of the church’s contact with the surrounding community is made there.
·          Voting: Voters used secret, written ballots which we collected and counted by Secretary Ted Mallory, Vice President Bob Stolze Jr. and Dwight Goslar.
Motion carried 45 yes, 4 no (49 total votes, including absentee ballots)
·          Picnic: There was discussion about the “School picnic,” next Sunday, June 19.  Committeewoman Karen Weiss offered details about the food and that there would be a free will offering. Pastor noted that as part of that Sunday’s worship service, there will be a “decommissioning ceremony” for the old school building. Immediately following there will be pictures taken of as many Lutheran School and Noah’s Ark Preschool alumni as are in attendance just before the picnic itself.

Adjournment- Bob Stoltze Jr motioned for adjournment, seconded by Don Friedrichs

Respectfully submitted by,
Secretary Ted Mallory

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