Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Giving Quilt Rack

(in loving memory of our past Quilters)
Beginning October 1st we are beginning a new quilting projects. This new journey features a quilt hung over the Quilt Rack in the back of the church by the elevator door. This quilt can be taken by any member of our church family to be given to someone they feel is in need. One does not have to tell where it goes. It is our prayer and hope that the quilts are given from out church family from this "Giving Quilt Rack" will touch the lives and hearts of each and every recipient.
If the Quilt Rack is empty do not dismay, that just means that one has been given to someone in need and another will soon be in it's place. Please join us in this new mission as we share with those around us and may those recipients feel the blessings of our love and prayers within each and every quilt.

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