Sunday, September 13, 2015

Results of Sun. Sept. 13 Special Voters' Meeting

It was moved by Byron Weiss and seconded by Otto Kunze to nominate Brent Friedrichs for service as Lay Delegate from the Mapleton Circuit to the Synodical Convention next Summer. Friedrichs volunteered to be Lay Delegate before receiving the nomination. No other names were placed into nomination.

The Lay Delegate to the Synodical Convention will be decided on by the Circuit Forum next Sunday, Sept. 20. Kevin Clausen is St.John's Lay Delegate to the Circuit Forum.

Brent works for Global Lutheran Outreach (GLO) managing financial and missionary support and logistics. Brent now does his work from home here in Charter Oak, but he and his wife Eugenie served as GLO Missionaries in Nigeria. Before that he served as a business manager with LCMS World Mission in Nigeria and West Africa.

St.John supports the Friedrichs as Missionaries. If he is confirmed as the Lay Delegate, please keep him in your prayers as he represents our Circuit at Convention next Summer. Whether he winds up being the Lay Delegate or not, please continue to support he & his family with your prayers as they continue their work supporting missions in Africa and around the world.

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