Thursday, February 16, 2017

You have a seat at the Lord's table

Through Holy Communion We Receive:

  • forgiveness of sins
  • salvation
  • new life
  • hope
  • unity
  • strengthening of faith
  • victory over death
  • the peace of God

Holy Communion is one of the means God uses to assure you and others that you are loved and cared for. Holy Communion will strengthen your participation in the life and work of the Church. It will renew your sense of identity and security in Christ. It will make you more aware that God provides for your spiritual nourishment. And it will reveal to you the inclusive nature of God's love

Have you been missing out?

If because of work or other scheduling conflicts, you haven't been able to get to church on a communion Sunday, consider attending on Ash Wednesday coming up March 1st at 7:00pm. You may also want to call the office and ask when Triple Parish will share communion at a 6:00pm Saturday evenings.

Do you know someone else who's been missing out?

Did you know that over 100 St. John members haven't received communion at St.John for over a year. If you know members who haven't been to church in a while- with or without receiving the Lord's Supper- invite them back. Tell them that we miss them & that the church is always here for them.
God wants to be able to share His Word and His love with us and church is where He does it.

If you have family members who've moved out of the area, please pray for them to be able to find a new church home and encourage them to let us know if they need to transfer their membership.

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