Sunday, January 03, 2016

Serving January 2016

Head Elder; Steve Kuhlmann

Head Usher; Dwight Goslar
Ushers; Allan Neddermeyer, Ralph Dorale, Norman Klinker, Kevin Pester, Jason French, & Nolan Neddermeyer


  • 10th & 31st- Steve & Deb Kuhlmann & Mona Pithan
  • 3rd & 24th- Lois Butler
  • 10th & 24th- Deb/Dan Kuhlmann
  • 3rd & 17th- Leesa Kuhlmann


  • 3rd & 10th- Justice McCartney & Annamarie Mallory
  • 17th & 24th- Justin Hansen & Adam Castillo
  • 31st & Feb 7th- Loryn Schultz & Taryn Finkhouser
Altar Committee; Marilyn Pirwitz & Betty Henschen

If you are unable to serve, please seek a substitute and let the office or Head Elder know who you switched with- thank you.

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