Sunday, January 29, 2017

This Week @ St. John

  • TUES 1/31- Happy 100th Birthday Ivin Kuhlmann
  • WED 2/1- 3:30PM Confirmation
  • SAT 2/4- 6:00PM Worship at Immanuel
  • SUN 2/5- 8:45AM Sunday School & Bible Study
    • 10:00AM Worship with Communion (Mite Box Sunday)

"Holy Scriptures are more than selected Bible passages ... It is God's revealed Word for all peoples, for all times. The Holy Scriptures do not consist of individual sayings, but are a whole and can be used most effectively as such. The Scriptures are God's revealed Word as a whole... 
"The full witness to Jesus Christ the Lord can be clearly heard only in its immeasurable inner relationships, in the connection of Old and New Testaments, of promise and fulfillment, sacrifice and law, Law and Gospel, cross and resurrection, faith and obedience, having and hoping. That is why daily worship together must include a longer Old and New Testament lesson besides the prayer of the Psalms." ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 'Life Together'

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