Thursday, October 22, 2015

2016 Church Officers

The following members were elected last Wednesday (Oct. 21) at the Quarterly Voters' Meeting to these offices for next year.  Thank you for your service & may God use you for His purposes. Please keep these servants in your prayers in the coming year, that God might guide them and guard them as they seek to serve and lead us.
  • President- Kevin Clausen
  • Vice President- Kyle Schultz
  • Secretary- Linda Nepper
  • Treasurer- Becky Dorale
  • Financial Secretary- Otto & Jane Kunze
  • Assistant Finance Sec.- Roger & Patty Kunze
  • Board of Elders- Ted Mallory
  • Board of Finance- Melvin Goslar and  Alex Dorale
  • Trustees- Adam Dorale
  • Board of Christian Education- Dave Galvin
  • Mission Secretary- Roger Jepsen
  • Stewardship Secretary- Byron Weiss

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