Sunday, September 07, 2014

This Week @ St.John

  • Pastor won't be in the office until Sept.20 while he is in Germany on the Lutheran Hour Ministries Heritage Tour. Keep he and Allan & Marge Neddermeyer & Bob & Anette Stolze as they visit the "Luther Lands" this month. Follow the tour at
  • WED 9/10- 3:30pm 5/6 Confirmation, 7/8 just recite memory work
  • SUN 9/14- 8:45am Sunday School & Bible Study
    • 10:00am Worship- RALLY SUNDAY
    • 1st Graders receive Bibles, 5th Graders receive Catechisms, teachers & volunteers installed
  • We're celebrating Rally Sunday this year, if you can bring muffins or rolls to help us celebrate, please call Peggy Sue Henschen or Bethany Mallory! Thank you!
  • New LYF Officers: Co-Presidents Tristan Kunze & Korey Kuhlmann; Secretary Hallie Neddermeyer; Treasurer Ryan Vogt.
  • REMINDER: There won't be a Saturday Night Worship Service September 20 since that's the day Pastor will be returning from Germany and it uncertain when he'll get in.

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