Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brodersen/ALS Volunteer Meeting

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Aaron Brodersen and his family. We all know Aaron has been diagnosed with ALS. What most people don’t realize is there are an overwhelming number of tasks involved in caring for someone with this debilitating illness. His family has daily challenges as they take on responsibilities to care for Aaron while trying to maintain their own day to day lives. It is hard for most of us to realize that he now needs help for basic daily needs that seem so simple to all of us.

So many of us have thought to ourselves or said to them, “what can I do to help”. We can do so much. Together we can form a Care Connection team. This team is based on the book, Share the Care: How to Organize a Group to Care for Someone Who is Seriously Ill. I am organizing a group of volunteers, especially those who have asked what they can do to help. The family is so thankful for those who are already offering help and support. This is just a way to organize the helpers and let the family know when someone plans to help them. I sat down with them and made a list of easy tasks such as: making a meal, sitting with Aaron while Tani is at work, walking Buddy (their dog), helping with the cleaning and laundry. As you see there are tasks for everyone. I am in the process of setting up a web page where volunteers can sign up for tasks. The family will also have access to this to see who has already signed up for specific tasks.

By using Care Connection, volunteers can pick and choose what tasks they would like to help with. Nobody is asked to sign up for something they do not want to do. If we all pitch in with these small things, the Brodersen’s will notice a tremendous difference in their lives. If you can only help once a week or once a month, it will make a difference!

Please give this some thought. Right now I am gathering contact information including names, phone numbers and e-mail (if available) of those wanting to help. I am organizing a meeting on Wednesday, July 16th, at St John’s Lutheran Church in Charter Oak. It will be at 7PM in the fellowship hall. Aaron and Tani won’t be present at the meeting. It will be a time to learn about ALS and specifically what needs Aaron and his family have at this time. We will fill out individual data sheets that list what tasks you feel comfortable performing and when you are available. There will also be a needs list available for everyone to review.

Please feel free to contact me by phone, email or Facebook if you want to sign up as a volunteer or have any questions. No family should face ALS alone. Let’s show them what small town support can do!

Thank you for your time and consideration of this opportunity.

Julie Meseck

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