Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lent @ St.John 2013

LENTEN WORSHIP- Lent begins this year on February 13, Ash Wednesday. Midweek worship services will be held every Wednesday night at 7:00PM.

St. John is again participating in a rotation with other congregations in the Mapleton Circuit. Each week one of our neighboring pastors will present a different message in the series. This year's theme is "God's Gift of Forgiveness, " based on the "Penitential Psalms," (6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, 130 143).

Each week, the Psalm and sermon will call us to repentance and also comfort us with the forgiveness Jesus earned for us by his crucifixion and death.

  • FEB 13- Psalm 130 "Divine Forgiveness," Rev. Merrill, St. John Charter Oak
  • FEB 20- Psalm 143 "Teach Me Your Will, for You Are My God," Rev. Randall Cormeny, St. John Battle Creek
  • FEB 27- Psalm 102 "God's Enduring Presence for You," Rev. Timothy Chase, ABC Triple Parish
  • MAR 6- Psalm 51 "Against You and For Me," Rev. Marcus Manley, St. Paul, Ute
  • MAR 13- Psalm 13 "Hiding from God or Hiding in God," Rev. Adam Pack, St. Paul Ida Grove
  • MAR 20- Psalm 6 "Save Me Because of Your Unfailing Love," Rev. Timothy Frank, Triple Parish Ricketts

RITE OF INDIVIDUAL CONFESSION & ABSOLUTION- One of the ways that the gift of God's forgiveness can come to us is through individual confession & absolution (the service found on page 292 of the Lutheran Service Book). Individual Confession is available to everyone, but no one is forced to go. It is a special blessing for those who are troubled by their sins and desire to hear God's personal words of forgiveness. Pastor will be available in his study for individual confession/absolution at various times during Lent:
  • Immediately following Ash Wednesday service
  • Saturday mornings before Communion Sundays (Feb. 16, Mar. 2 & 16)
  • Before worship on Maundy Thursday
  • Before worship on Good Friday

BASKETS OF PROMISE- This Lenten season, we are joining Lutheran World Relief's "Baskets of Promise" appeal. Each week during Lent we will be collecting a different item that we'll use to assemble Personal Care Kits that give people around the world tools to stay healthy in life's most challenging situations.
  • Week of 2/17- 4-5oz bars of soap (in its original wrapping)
  • Week of 2/24- light weight bath towels (no larger than 52"x27")
  • Week of 3/3- Toothbrushes (in original packaging, please)
  • Week of 3/10- Large combs
  • Week of 3/17- Nail clippers
  • Week of 3/24 Bars of soap (again)

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