Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Candidates for 2012 Church Council & Offices

The October 19, 2011 Quarterly Voter's Meeting will include choosing new officers for 2012
·    2011 Ballot- *designates incumbent
o        President: Robert Stoltze Jr., Dan Kuhlmann
o        Vice President: Ted Mallory, Randy Steffen
o        Secretary: Becky Berens, Linda Nepper
o        Treasurer: Becky Dorale*
o        Finance Secretary: Otto & Jane Kunze*
o        Asst. Finance: Roger & Patty Kunze*
o        Elder (vote for 2): Kyle Schultz*, Ralph dorale, Colin Gierstorf, William Magill
o        Finance Board (vote for 2): Alan Kuhlmann, Richard Goslar*, Russel Maack, Larry Krapfl
o        Trustee: Melvin Neddermeyer, Gary Schau
o        Board of Education: Tonya Funkhouser*, Patty Goslar
o        Mission Secretary: Don Friedrichs*, Norman Klinker
o        Stewardship: Byron Weiss, Kevin Pester
First Voters will be asked for additional nominations and to accept this ballot.

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