Thursday, August 04, 2011

It was a wild Jungle Adventure!

By Bethany Mallory, VBS Director

Thank you to everyone who helped make the St John and St Paul Jungle Adventure a great success!  We had 94 children and over 35 volunteers seeking adventure at VBS 11.  On this adventure, kids learned about Jesus and how He cares for His people of all times and places.  As kids heard the stories from Scripture, they related the Bible truths to their own Faith Journey.

Each Big Jungle Adventure day started out at the Sound-Off Opening. We would meet our friends and our Tribe Leaders, we would sing, pray, and learn the day’s Take-Home Point.  We also learned about the theme and Bible story through the adventures of Morgan, the adventure guide, and three young adventurers. 

After opening, the kids journeyed off to rotation sites for storytelling, Bible challenge, games, music, and crafts.  Finally, everyone came back together at Send-Off Closing for music, prayer, and wrap-up with the closing video.

Before they left each night, the students also received a “silly band” which told a part of the Salvation message.  On closing night students received a second set of Salvation silly bands to share with a friend.

Big Jungle Adventure
St. John, Charter Oak & St. Paul, Ute, VBS 2011
Participants and volunteers included:
Preschool: Lily Bramley, Noah Bramley, Caralyn Henschen, Brooklyn Butler, Nolan Kragel, Abbey Meseck, Logan Miller, Kaylyn Miller, Marissa Galvin, Ava Klinker, Isabel Jepsen, Sam Bonsall. Kysa Neddermeyer, Lizzie Majerus, Danny Hagemann Preschool Teacher: Gretchen Bonsall; Helpers:  Sandy Bramley, Hannah Pester, McKenzie Albers, Jacob Bramley, Emory McGee

Preschool: Lilli Schwarz, Kennedy Goslar, Andrew Thoreson, Zayden Reffitt, Tyrel Jacobsen, Duncan Purcell, William Sorenson, Anna Galvin, Owen Galvin, Mason Kuhlmann, Caden Kuhlmann, Josie Hagemann, Alizabeth Jacobsen, Maddie DeYoung, Mya Goslar, Skyler Beerman Preschool Teacher: Trisha McDonald & Sam Kelm; Helpers: Brooke Pester, Amy Goslar, Dena Sorenson

K-2 (Bobo Group): Annamarie Mallory, Janely Flores, Ethan Kuhlmann, Emily Sorenson, Larissa Miller, Jadon Malone, Cambri Brodersen, Hailey Meseck, Molly Hupp, Kayla Neddermeyer, Travis Webster, Alexia Miller, Zoe Reffitt, Melissa Thoreson, Tara Bonsall, Jeffrey Flores, Cole Miller, Desmond Hagemann, Kylee Mead, Nate Bazaldua Leaders:  Cale Neddermeyer, Braden Neddermeyer, Nolan Neddermeyer

K-2 (Kiki Group): Saige Behrens, Abby Melby, Keely Kuhlmann, Jack Flores, Gaige Elwell, Ashley Neumeyer, Calliyah Mareau, Gavin Purcell, Trey Kunze, Chase Pester, Adam Castillo, Thomas Sorenson, Lily Hahn Leaders: Kelly Butler, Heather Rosburg, Aubri Castillo, Cierra Carlson, Jenny Castillo

Third-Fourth Grade: Evelyn Henschen, Ellen Mallory, Claire Staley, Katie Klockgether, Cody Rosburg, Payton Goslar, Cobi Askew, Lizzie Jepsen, Crysta Gierstorf, Robert Self, Skyler Kelm, Kaitlynn Thoreson, Alyah McCartney, Madison Young, Haley Albers, Brian Gossage,  Sieranna Bazaldua  Leaders: Chaney Teut, Katie Schwarz

Fifth-Sixth Grade: Riley Elwell, Jordyn Pester, Alayna Castillo, Erin Staley, Hallie Neddermeyer, Grace Mallory, Jesse Hupp, Reagen Miller, Jordan Hagemann, Kolton Nelson  Leader: Alaina Gierstorf, Melissa Webster

Site Leaders:
Faith Journeys Bible Stories: Ted Mallory
Big Adventure Bible Challenge: Leon Meseck
Kiki’s Crazy Creations Crafts: Peggy Sue Henschen (coordinator) June Neddermeyer, Doris Jepsen, Norma Jo Majerus, Julie Meseck, Maria Flores, Marjorie Neddermeyer
Go Wild Games: Pastor Merrill (coordinator), Brandon Krapfl, Emily Pautsch, Ryan Vogt, Colten Jepsen, Tristan Kunze, Carter Brodersen
Jammin’ Jungle’ Tunes:  Shelby Goslar, Amy Kuhlmann, Karly Kunze, Jayme Savery
Snack Helpers: Joan Nobbe, Jane Kunze, Creta Teut, Barb Timm, Marilynn Neddermeyer, Norma Buschmann, Beth Maack, Patti Vogt, Patty Goslar, June Neddermeyer
VBS Coordinators:  Bethany Mallory (St John) & Heather Rosburg (St Paul)
Set Construction: Ted Mallory, Bethany Mallory, Marjorie Neddermeyer, Allan Neddermeyer, Cale Neddermeyer, Braden Neddermeyer, Nolan Neddermeyer

Special thank you’s to the following: Louie’s Quick Stop for pizza, McDonalds for juice, and to the members of St. John and St Paul and VBS parents for monetary donations used for pizza on Thursday and materials throughout the week.  Thanks also to the parents and friends who provided treats and bars for snacks and fellowship this week.
We had a “new” facility this week for VBS with the remodel in the basement.  Thank you to all the volunteers who worked long and hard hours to get the rooms ready for us this week.  What a great improvement!  We appreciate you!
VBS is a significant commitment in time, energy, and expense. 

Thank you to all those who volunteered and helped prior to and during VBS!  A special thank you to the congregation members and VBS parents who remembered us in your prayers in order to give these children a week to remember.


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