Friday, April 01, 2011


About 10 minutes before worship service begins on your Sunday to acolyte please go to the sacristy. First check the taper to be sure there is enough wick to light the candles.
      Select a white gown of appropriate length.
Check the bulletin board to review the order of lighting the candles (inside to outside).
      Wait for the Elder to light your taper before going out. Do not walk to closely to the person in front of you to avoid burning the person or their hair. Stop at the foot of the bottom step together, make an act of reverence (bow) to the altar. Use your left foot first to step up together. When lighting the candles move from one to the next slowly.
      If the Christ candle is out it is to be lit, the acolyte not lighting the Christ candle is to remain facing the altar at the top step. The one lighting the Christ candle – when finished – joins the waiting acolyte, you make an act of reverence (bow) at the top step. Extinguish your taper by pulling the wick inside the tube. When it is extinguished push the wick out about 1” beyond the tube. Descend to the pew. Place tapers under the pew carefully.
      To extinguish the candles following worship wait until Pastor has recessed. Then together go to the bottom step making an act of reverence (bow). Extinguish candles slowly and carefully so as not to force wicks down into an unlightable position. Step to the center at the base of the top step when all are extinguished and give an act of reverence (bow). Recess to the left to the sacristy.
      In the sacristy take the polishing cloth and wipe off the finger prints on the brass tapers so they keep their shine. Check the wick to make sure there is enough to light candles with next time (about 3”). If not, please replace the wick. Replace the tapers in the closet. Hang up your gown.
      If for any reason you can not acolyte on your Sunday PLEASE either call the Elder in charge or trade with someone.
Thank you so much.

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