Sunday, September 18, 2022

2022; SEPT 18


    Thy Strong Word
    St.Johns' Thy Strong Word fund is running low and it will soon be our turn to pay our share. We need your help, please give to the fund, be sure to mark 'Thy Strong Word' on the memo line when you bring your check to the church office. Thank You.
    Pastor Merrill will be hosting the 'Thy Strong Word' program on KDSN radio this week Mon- Sat, SEP. 19 - 23, at 6:25AM. Start your day off with this devotion on God's Word. 
    WED 3:30pm Confirmation
               6:00pm Elders Mtg
    THR  9:30am Ricketts Bible Study
    SAT   9:00am Retreat at Mission Central
                5:00pm Sunday School at St. Paul, Hanover TWP
                6:00pm Worship at St. Paul
    SUN  8:45am Sunday School
                9:00am Adult Bible Class
                10:00am Worship
                 2:00pm & After, Pastor at Nursing Homes

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