Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Like, Follow & Subscribe St.John's YouTube Channel

 Many of you watch our recorded services either here or on our Facebook page. Thank you.

Be sure to "like" them, leave comments below them, and share them on social media.  Doing so helps others to be able to find them more easily on search engines.

Please consider also viewing them directly on YouTube, Look for us at on your computer or on your phone with the YouTube app.

Once you're there, please look for the "subscribe" button, and, just like you do on Facebook or on our Website, please click "like" and leave comments below videos. This goes even FURTHER in making our YouTube Channel, our worship videos and Pastor's sermons even MORE easy to find on the internet and the World Wide Web, not to mention on YouTube. 

The more "followers" we get, the more it effects the algorithms of search engines like Google and Bing. 

So many of you have thanked Pastor for his wonderful devotions on Facebook or left comments on them. Why not do the same on YouTube? Not only will it support him, it will make God's Word from St.John Charter Oak more easy to find online.

Don't forget to share these videos and St.John's YouTube channel with your family members, neighbors and friends. It can be a simple way to invite them to Church or Bible Class. It can be a wonderful way to help those who've moved away to feel connected.

Over 150 videos and 15 playlists, but so far only 52 subscribers.  Not only can you worship at home with last week's video, you can search years of videos and connect to other Lutheran video resources as well, like the Lutheran Hour, LWML and LYF.

So please, visit, use it, share it, "like" it AND "subscribe" to it 

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