Monday, September 28, 2020

This Week @ St. John

SCHEDULE FOR September 26 -  Oct. 4

  • 26th   At Immanuel:
    • 5pm Sunday School
    • 6pm Communion Service
  • 27th At St. John:
    • 8:45am Sunday School 
    • 9am Bible Class 
    • 10am Worship Service 
  • 30th  3:30pm Confirmation
  • Oct 1 9:30am Ricketts Bible Study
  • 2nd 6pm Wedding Rehearsal
  • 3rd At St. John:  4pm Seth Goslar & Alyssa Boggs Wedding
    At St. Paul: 5pm Sunday School 
    • 6pm Worship Service
  • 4th At St John: 
    • 8:45am Sunday School
    • 9am Bible Class
    • 10am Outdoor Communion Service (weather permitting) Sunday School picnic

KEEP IN YOUR PRAYERS: Melvin Goslar, Paul Briggle, Milroy Rabe, Marlon Jepsen, Arlene Nemitz, Lucia Lincoln, Elaine Stoltze, Luella Henschen, Phil Ketelsen, family of Pastor Paul Schroeder & members of our congregations who are suffering or recovering from Covid 19

Received from Pastor Doug Schroeder:

   Pastor Paul died in Florida on September 9th after being ministered to beautifully. He will continue to minister to millions through his voice on The Word Today. His family has determined they will have a memorial service on October 24—details to follow. Please forward your remembrances of Pastor Paul as we are adding a memorial page to Our Shepherd  & The Word Today websites. Email to Beth Pastor Paul now rest and I am sure is delighted in the company of Christ.

FROM Ellie Menz:   have been in contact with the Disaster Response Coordinators in Iowa District East. They need our help to continue the process of cleaning up the downed trees. Workers are needed for next week, and following weeks, too. Contact me if you are interested in helping. or 515-370-1159.

DECORATING COMMITTEE.. we are looking for a couple people to decorate St. John church for holidays. Please let Pastor or office know if you are interested.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE.. we need one or two people to be on the St. John Cemetery Committee as soon as possible. Please let James Jepsen or Pastor know if you are interested.

FROM ELDERS MEETING … The plan is to restore the center sections in church to every other pew. Also plan to print a limited number of bulletins each week. We will gradually be bringing back some of the elements of liturgy that have been missing since opening.

Plans .. are to have an outdoor Communion Service on October 4th and a Sunday School picnic.  Everyone is invited for lunch.  Family games following lunch will include a scavenger hunt and kick ball. 

Please bring your lawn chairs, blanket or you may stay in your cars.  Worship service on the 11th will be held indoors.

LWML Sunday will be celebrated on Sunday, October 11th.  Among the planned happenings is a "noisy collection" for mites which will be taken with the old offering plates with long handles!  The mighty mite

has helped men, women and children across the globe.  Let's all get our coins ready!  Help us help the less fortunate.

Will you be a Voice for Life? In 2019 the Iowa Supreme court ruled that the Iowa Constitution guarantees a woman’s right to have her baby killed before he or she is born. Now it will be very difficult to put any restrictions on this terrible act.  Iowa may very well become a “Mecca” for killing little children created by God and for whom Jesus died. The only way to reverse this deadly course is to have a legislature that will boldly take a stand and take action to protect innocent life. Please vote to affirm life. Lutheran Family Service – Rev. Dr. Jim Lamb, Life Advocate 

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