Saturday, August 15, 2020

This week @ St. John

 SCHEDULE FOR August 16 to August 23:

16th 9am Communion Service at St. John

19th 8pm Elders Meeting

22nd 6pm Communion at St. Paul

23rd 9am Worship at St. John

KEEP IN YOUR PRAYERS: Melvin Goslar, Paul Briggle, Joleen Ketelsen, Milroy Rabe, Marlon Jepsen, Arlene Nemitz, Lucia Lincoln those of our congregations who are suffering or recovering from Covid 19

DECORATING COMMITTEE.. we are looking for a couple people to decorate the church for holidays. Please let Pastor or office know if you are interested.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE.. we need one or two people to be on the Cemetery Committee as soon as possible. Please let James Jepsen or Pastor know if you are interested.


Right now the greatest need is for:

Loose leaf paper Spiral notebooks Composition notebooks No. 2 pencils

  Following are appreciated:

Backpacks/Book bags (no wheels) Scissors Vinyl plastic 2 pocket folders

Pocket folders 2 pocket Glue sticks Elmer’s School Glue (4oz, 8oz)

Wireless notebooks Washable markers Crayola markers (24 – 24)

Plastic pencil box or bag

Large box of Kleenex

Clorox wipes

Hand Sanitizer

Pink Bevel erasers

Head phones

Ear buds

Crayons (8, 16, 24)

Dry Eraser Markers & erasers

Ball point pen (blue, black & red)


Colored pencils (12-24)


Soap (gym)

Shampoo (gym)

Deodorant (gym)

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