Sunday, October 20, 2019

This Week @ St. John

  • TUES 10/22- Pastor Merrill will be back in the office
  • WED 10/23- 3:30pm Confirmation
    • 6:30pm LYF Meeting; We'll touch base about the Dist. Gathering next month but also the annual Thanksgiving Dinner & any Fall/Winter activities you'd like to participate in. Remeber bonfires, Christmas shopping, caroling and SLEDDING??!
    • 8:00pm Elders's Meeting
  • THRS 10/24- 9:30am Ricketts Community Bible Study- Join us for coffee & goodies!
  • SAT 10/26- 5:00pm "Sunday" School at Immanuel
    • 6:00pm Worship with Communion at Immanuel, Soldier TWP
  • SUN 10/27- 8:45am Bible Class & Sunday School
    • 10:00am Worship, followed by a brief presentation by a representative of the Gideons.
    • 7:00pm Adult Instruction- want a refresher on Lutheran teachings? Or would you like to become a confirmed, communing member at St. Johns? Drop in & see what it's like. Let Pastor know if you're interested in the full course.
  • THRIVENT MEMBERS; there are $6,755 in undesignated Thrivent "Choice Dollars" are available to any church group that need funds. Please contact a Finance Board member, the Financial Secretary or Church Secretary to request some.
    • President Brian Koeppen
    • Vice President Steve Kuhlmann
    • Council Secretary Linda Nepper
    • Treasurer Becky Dorale
    • Finance Secretaries Steve & Karleen Beeck; Assistant Secretaries Brian & Veleta Pautsch
    • Board of Elders; Ted Butler & Roger Kunze (1yr)
    • Board of Education; Leon Meseck
    • Board of Finance; Rod Kunze & Jerry Jors
    • Board of Trustees; Brad Bramley
    • Stewartship Secretary; Byron Weiss
    • Mission Secretary; Joel Kuhlmann
    • Mission monies allocated $500 each to Brent & Eugenie Fredrichs, Joel Stltenow, Mark & Megaan Mantey, and Courtney Zalmanoff. As well as a $50 gift to missionary Carl Hanson in memory of Fort Dodge Rev. Allen Henderson.

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