Sunday, May 19, 2019

LYF NYG Minneapolis Fundraising Envelopes

Several members of our youth group are gearing up for a 'Real. Present. God' experience in Minneapolis this Summer at the LCMS-Natnional Youth Gathering. This year we are trying a different sort of fundraisng opportunity. Instead of insisting that you buy something, we are simply asking for donations- in whatever amount you would be willing to contribute.

In return for your support, the LYF will do service activities for our church. Our first service will be to "Spring clean" the playground when our contributions hit the $200 mark. We have a lot of other service ideas in the hopper but are open to suggesstions from our church family.

An envelope board is on display in the fellowship hall. If you are able to support us in our faith walk journey, please take an envelope from the board and return the envelope (filled) to the nearby LYF box.

If you're reading this online, far from Charter Oak and would like to support St. John's LYF, make checks payable to "St.John LYF," put "2019 NYG" on the memo line and send it to:

St.John Lutheran Church- LYF
104 Birch Ave.
Charter Oak, IA 51439

Thank you for your financial and spiritual support & encouragement.

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