Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ricketts Triple Parish Vacancy

Pastor Frank has accepted a Call to St. Paul, Lutheran Church in Council Bluffs, IA. His farewell will be June 12.

As Mapleton Circuit Visitor, Pastor Merrill will begin serving as the vacancy pastor for the Ricketts Triple-Parish June 13.

The Triple Parish will have a "Visitation Sunday" on June 19; that day they won't have their own worship services, but are invited to St. John, Charter Oak to celebrate our 135th Anniversary with us, coinciding with the city of Charter Oak's 125th Celebration Weekend.

This Summer there will be only one Triple-Parish Worship Service each Sunday at 10:30AM

  • June 26 at St. Luke's in the city of Ricketts
  • July at Immanuel Lutheran, Charter Oak Township
  • August at Hannover Lutheran, Hanover Township
Triple Parish Confirmation Students are invited to attend Confirmation classes at St. John's in Charter Oak next Fall, although if it serves individual family needs, arrangements may be made with Immanuel Lutheran Church, Schleswig or St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Mapleton (pending their own vacancy). 

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