Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cambodia Missions

Monday night, July 22, Dr. Fungchatou Lo presented information at St. John about the many ministries he oversees in Southeast Asia from LCMS headquarters in Phnom Penh, capital city of Cambodia.
Dr. Lo is Laoation, attended the University of Wisconsin. While he speaks 6 languages, he is just learning Khmer, the main language in Cambodia. Jesse (below) a Cambodian involved in mission work with Dr. Lo sometimes translates for him. Jesse explained about the ministries to neighboring countries; Thsiland, Laos, and Vietnam.
Dr. Lo & his wife Kalia coordinate LCMS mission ministries in Cambodia. Kalia directs Human Care ministries including well digging, distribution of water filters, clothing, health education, elementary school programs and home & church building projects.

Dr. Lo directs Gospel Outreach programs  including seminary and theological training for church leaders from all four nations at the Lutheran Institute for Southeast Asia (LISA). Lo also coordinates training for othe church leaders and volunteers, Sunday School teachers, youth and other programs. In recent years the Los founded Grace International School in Phon Penh when a survey revealed that other schools operated by othe Christian groups did not include religious instruction.

Please support LCMS activities in Southeast Asia with your prayers. 

To find out how you can support them financially by contacting: 

Mission Central in Mapleton. 40718 Hwy E16, Mapleton, IA 51034 

or send your gift (marked for Dr. Lo) to:
LCMS 1333 S. Kiekwood Road, St. Louis, MO 63122

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