Sunday, November 04, 2012

Speak Lord, Your servant listens

This week, Sunday School students read about how God called young Samuel to become His prophet in 1 Samuel, Chapter 3.

Samuel's mother Hannah was barren and begged the Lord for a child. When God blessed her with a son, she literally dedicated her son to God, offering him to serve in the temple.

When God verbally called Samuel by name, Samuel thought for sure it was the old priest Eli. After he's woken up Eli twice, the priest realized who was really trying to get the boy's attention, so he told Samuel to reply with "speak Lord, Your servant listens."

What God had to say wasn't easy. He had Samuel deliver his first message as a prophet. Samuel had to inform Eli that his family would be cursed because of the sins of Eli's corrupt sons.

A prophet is not some wizard that predicts the future. A prophet is a spokesman for God. We may be prophets when we share God's Word. But how can we share it, if we don't listen to it?

How can we listen for God's message today?

Three great ways to communicate with God: 
   1) Spend time in fellowship with other Christians, sharing how God has worked in your lives (like in church, Sunday school, Bible Study, youth group, or confirmation).
   2) Prayer and
   3) Reading the Bible.

But don't just go to God with your needs, wants, and questions- be willing to wait, be still,  and listen to Him.

Ask your kids about what they learn in Sunday School, have conversations about the Bible and your faith. Talk about times when God used you or times when you may have thought you didn't need God but found out otherwise. 

Take a look at some of the stories they're learning about in Sunday School & Confirmation in the Bible for yourself and make these last few months of 2012 "The Year of the Word."

The  best way to get God's Word into you, is to start getting into God's Word.

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