Sunday, May 13, 2012

This Week @ St. John

2012 Graduates- Kendall Corbitt, Shelby Goslar, Elisabeth Meadows, Emily Pautsch,  Brooke Pester, Hanna Pester, Courtney Plough, MaKayla Smith, and Maddison Underwood.

  • WED MAY 16- 9:00am Ladies Bible Study
    • 8:00pm Elders Meeting
  • THURS MAY 17- Dual Circuit Ascension Day Service at Mission Central 6pm Supper/7pm Worship
  • SAT MAY 19- 6:00pm Summer Evening Worship with Communion
  • SUN MAY 20- 8:45am Sunday School (last time before Summer vacation) & Bible Study
    • 10:00am Worship/Baccalaureate with Communion
As you accept your diploma, we remind you that you step into new relationships with your friends, your family and you community. We assure you that you will always be a part of our community of faith. We commit to God all of our past efforts to show you, by example, the life of faith and love through Christ, and all our attempts to instill within you life's true values.

With your degree, you have earned more than freedom; you have earned the right to prove that you can handle freedom and responsibility; that you are trustworthy, dependable and mature enough to try your own wings. Know that the world will test your true character with fire. And remember that you are always fully accountable to God, who loves you and believes in you far beyond your comprehension.

We assure you of our continued love and promise to remember and uphold you through our prayers. We pledge to always be your "family." No matter where you are or in whatever circumstances you find yourself, we care about you and stand ready to rejoice with you in your accomplishments, to support you in your failures, and to grow with you in faith.

In Christ,
Pastor Merrill

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