Sunday, November 06, 2011

Ambassadors for Christ in a land of conflict

Missionaries Brent and Eugenie Friedrichs spoke to the adult Bible Study class at St. John Sunday morning, November 6, 2011.

Brent is originally from Charter Oak, the son of Don and Nadine Friedrichs. Eugienie is originally from South Africa. Brent and Eugenie are associated with Global Lutheran Outreach (GLO) in Jos Nigeria, a city of over a million, and the capital of the Nigerian State of "Plateau."

After serving in the Peace Corps in Gabon, West Africa, Brent began working with LCMS World Missions in 1997. The Friedrichs were married in Charter Oak in 2005. Unfortunately, Brent's position was phased out in 2007, since then they have been responsible for raising their own financial support.

GLO is an independent Lutheran mission agency, which means that we work with all Lutherans denominations. GLO works closely with the LCMS and the LCMC (Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, congregations which broke from the ELCA due to doctrinal disputes).

Brent is the engineer and Financial Manager for Mission Consults.

During the Friedrichs' furlough to the United States, they visit churches seeking both financial and prayer support, raising awareness about GLO and recruiting new missionaries when they can.

The Friedrichs discussed the Great Commission (Mathew 28:18-20) in which God calls all believers to share His Gospel and how as Christ's Ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20) we are called to represent God's love and forgiveness, taking into consideration people's cultural differences. They explained that a current trend is to offer services (like medical or veterinary) and using the good will established as an opening to share their faith.

Their main function is as "Support Missionaries." Their ministry involves working with other missionaries, churches, and groups with their legal, accounting, and logistics needs. They discussed how this has also also sometimes meant applying God's principles from Matthew 18:15-19 as part of the Mission Advisory Committee (MAC).

Nigeria has dealt with a great deal of conflict between Christians and Muslims over the last decade. The Friedrichs explained that Nigeria has 150 million people with 500 different languages in an area the size of Texas. Many of the violent conflicts have as much or more to do with land disputes and competition for jobs and resources. As the Sahara desert grows each year, many Muslim families are forced further and further South into territory where those who live there are Christian. 

Not only is it a challenge to share the message of Jesus with people who practice Islam, but ancient forms of African Animism are still very prevalent, even among those who claim to be Christian or Muslim.

Please pray for Brent and Eugenie and their boys Micah and Zander. Pray for:

  • Spiritual Guidance- that God will intervene in all their actions
  • Safety from both physical and spiritual warfare
  • Finance
  • Family
  • and for help working through and against corruption in Nigeria
You may donate online to support Brent & Eugenie 
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Miramar, FL 33023

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