Thursday, October 21, 2010

Election Results

Voting for new officers took place ant the Quarterly Voter's Meeting. These are the results:

  • PRESIDENT- Bill Magill
  • VICE PRESIDENT- Bob Stoltze Jr.
  • SECRETARY- Ted Mallory
  • TREASURER- Becky Dorale
  • FINANCE SEC.- Otto & Jane Kunze
  • ASST. FINANCE SEC.- Roger & Patty Kunze
  • MISSION SEC- Don Friedrichs
  • STEWARDSHIP SEC.- Ryan Kunze
  • BD of ELDERS- Dwight Goslar and Steve Beeck
  • BD of ED- Alaina Gierstorf
  • BD of FINANCE- Brady Goslar and Kevin Clausen
  • BD of TRUSTEES- Roger Jepsen

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