Monday, February 08, 2010

Money for Missions

From: Brent Friedrichs
Sent: Monday, February 08, 2010 8:42 AM
Subject: Here is how we spent the $500

A donation of $500 (from our home church) to help get Shaibu and his family back into a house somewhere.  
You can divide all naira values by 149 to get back to dollar  (Don did this and I have added the amounts in US dollars.  NF)

= =N=0.00 starting balance
+ =N=74,500.00 from $500 x 149
- =N=20,000.00 two foam mattresses at N10,000 each     ($67.11each or $134.22 for two)
- =N=25,000.00 for first year in a rental house     ($167.78)  
- =N=8,900.00 One queen foam mattress           ($59.73)
- =N=7,500.00 One small foam mattress             ($50.34)
- =N=5,000.00 several bundles of firewood so to do cooking.      ($33.56)
- =N=8,100.00 some pots and pans as well as some very used furniture.    ($54.36)
= =N=0.00 closing balance

We have receipts/supportive docs on the above and can forward photocopies if needed.(?)

Shaibu, his wife and the entire Danjuma family have been very very appreciative.

They asked to use our pickup to haul these things over to their rental/temp home and John Udo is presently out doing that with them right now.


NOTE: Shaibu is a friend and gardener of the Friedrichs in Jos, Nigeria. His home was destroyed in a recent wave of sectarian violence in Jos. Last month, the Voter's Assembly of St. John Lutheran voted to send a special gift to help Shaibu and his family relocate or rebuild.

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